Text analysis

Marketing insights for small businesses

What is text analysis?

Text analysis is analysis of your wordy data. Wordy data is otherwise known as text data or textual data. It is, quite simply, a body of text or a series of sentences, from any source. Wordy data can be a delightful source of information.  Examples include customer reviews, articles and text responses in questionnaires. Just like numbers, collections of words can be analysed. For example, analysis of customer reviews can clearly pick out the key themes and emotions that people mention when talking about your business.

Imagine you had done a survey and asked participants to write their opinions in words for some of the questions. It can be very time consuming  and very difficult to summarise what people have written in a way that is quick, accurate and objective.  Text analysis can allow you to do just that

Perhaps you are a business that has many, positive customer reviews. You realise that individual statements can be a powerful way of communicating your success to others when marketing your business. However, a more novel approach would be to use text analysis of all of your reviews and present the results in a very visual format, such as a word cloud, that can be easily used on social media posts to publicise your business. 

Reveal warm and powerful emotions!

The messages that are discovered hidden within the text are illuminating and often surprisingly powerful.  People’s emotions and warmth come across in words in a way that you just don’t get with numerical data. The results be a great source of inspiration for your marketing campaigns, or even used to produce images that can be used directly in a variety of media.

Make your wordy data work for you

How it works

Heb Insights uses a method that is used by linguists, that statistically compares your text to a reference text. The results from this can be turned into an image such as a word cloud. Or it can be presented in an infographic, to summarise the meaning within the text in a powerfully visual way.


Heb Insights offers a range of reporting styles, depending on your requirements. Choose from a  report with the  results in tables, a word cloud,  a word firework, an infographic or a combination of all of these. 

The method

The method compares your text to a reference text called the British National Corpus. This reference text represents the frequencies with which different words are typically spoken in the English language. This comparison allows us to pull out keywords. Keywords are those arising statistically more frequently in your text compared to the reference text. These keywords indicate the main messages arising from your wordy data. Further analysis around these keywords indicates more specifically what the meaning within your texts are.

A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words, so they say. Visual methods of communicating the results from your text analysis are very effective. Examples of these are word clouds, word fireworks (uniquely developed by Heb Insights) and infographics. Alternatively, Heb Insights can produce a descriptive report with your keywords and further analysis presented in tables. Or, a report can be compiled that uses all of these methods, so that you have a full interpretative breakdown of your results and some useful images. Such images can be posted on social media or used in other promotional materials. 


Word cloud

Word clouds are a powerful visual marketing tool. Word clouds are not new, but not all commercially available packages use robust linguistic methods. 
This means that some words may end up with greater (or lesser) weighting than they should. Heb Insights uses best-practice methods to pick out your keywords and present them in a beautiful image.

Word firework

A word firework presents the most important keywords in your text together with the descriptive words that were most commonly mentioned around them. These often emotive words reveal more context from your wordy data. Word fireworks are succinct and useful for suggesting advertising direction or be used directly as a unique marketing visual.


Infographics are a succinct way of communicating complex results and processes to a wider audience. They can also be used for effectively presenting the relationships between key points.  Infographics are an important way of communicating survey results to end users.

Descriptive report

Heb Insights can create a 2-3 page descriptive report from your text analysis. Typically this will comprise a combination of results tables, visuals (word cloud and/or word firework) and interpretative text.  This report is a good choice for a business that wants to make the most from it’s wordy data.