Marketing insights for small businesses

Use surveys to ask customers their opinion

Surveys take the guess work out of many business-related decisions.

Involving your customers in decision-making makes them feel included and fosters engagement. Engagement of customers is particularly important for customer loyalty.

When do I need to do a survey?

Do you want to do some market research to gather opinion on a new product or service? Or even on what branding customers prefer?

Perhaps you wish to gather people’s thoughts on a particular issue, so that you can present the results to other stakeholders?

Are you particularly interested in whether customer opinion and preferences differ between different groups? With this knowledge you can better meet your customers’ needs and also be more efficient when promoting your business.

Heb Insights can help you all with all stages of a survey from planning to communicating the results.

Planning and designing

These days, many surveys are written and delivered online using online survey tools. These are great assets but it should be remembered that it’s still important to plan and design your survey correctly. Getting it wrong may give you misleading results.

Planning the survey

Heb Insights consults with you to determine:

-What exactly it is you are trying to work out and how to best frame those questions to get the answers from your audience 

 -How many people you need to send it to to get an acceptable number of completed surveys returned 

-How to get your survey to your audience  and achieve greater reach

-How the data should be analysed

-How the results should be communicated

-What the costs of the whole process are.

Designing the questionnaire

Careful thought is needed in the design of the questionnaire to make sure that:

-It will really give you answers to the questions you want to be answered 

-The structure is correct and the questions follow a logical order 

-Bias is minimised throughout 

-Your questionnaire is in such a format that it will reach all groups of your audience. For example, are there groups of your audience that would be less likely to fill in an online survey? In which case, it might be advisable to run a paper-based questionnaires alongside the online one.

Analysing and communicating your survey results


Running the survey

It is essential to test and pilot the survey before it runs. This is necessary to iron out any problems with completing it and also gives a chance for improvements to be suggested. 
Heb Insights runs your finalised survey for an agreed time period. Meanwhile, the response rate is monitored. If it is too low, measures to boost responses may be put in place, as necessary.
Surveys can be run online, on paper or both.


Online survey tools often present your simple results for you in graphs and tables. However, Heb Insights can help you interpret these meaningfully. Additional analysis can reveal some more interesting aspects of the results. This might include investigating whether  opinions differ between different groups of respondents. Additionally, Heb Insights can analyse the often overlooked text responses to reveal some really powerful messages. 


A straight forward descriptive report, illustrated with graphs, will tell you what the main findings of the survey are and highlight what the most important messages are. Heb Insights can produce an eye-catching report with your branding. You can choose to  communicate the results as an infographic or a report format, or a combination of both, with images that can be used in social media to communicate to your wider audience.