Insights analysis for businesses in the Outer Hebrides and beyond

What Heb Insights can do for you

From gaining insights into your web and social media online presence, to harnessing the essence of your customer feedback to showcase your business, Heb Insights can help you understand your online data. This understanding is a key component for building a marketing strategy for your business. Not confined to data from the online world, Heb Insights also offers services in data visualisation as well as more traditional data analysis and study design.

Web Analytics Services

Gain insights on your customers’ preferences and see how they interact with your website using Google Analytics. Understand where your website is under-performing. Use with marketing tools to increase online visitors and sales. Monitor the effect of marketing campaigns.

Word or Text Analysis Services

From visually effective word clouds to discovering themes from larger bodies of text, a few words can be very powerful, informative and a surprisingly simple marketing tool. Don’t miss out on using feedback and reviews to your best advantage.

Data Analysis Services

From simple descriptive analysis to more complex statistical techniques, traditional data analysis is the mainstay of understanding the world around us. Thoughtful data visualisation methods makes information engaging. Please talk to Heb Insights about your data analysis requirements.

Study and Questionnaire Design Services

Data can be useless or worse when it comes from poorly designed studies. Likewise, careful planning and piloting of a questionnaire is a must when collecting data via this method. Talk to Heb Insights to find out more about questionnaire design and study design.

Google Analytics Interpretative Report

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Basic Google Analytics Summary Report

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Text Analysis Report

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