Marketing insights for small businesses

Choose how we work together

Heb Insights understands that different businesses have different requirements. You can choose how you want to work with Heb Insights, be that on an ad-hoc basis or by following a package of digital marketing services and products. 

Please contact Heb Insights to discuss your needs, no matter how big or small. 


Stand-alone products

Heb Insights offers a range of stand-alone products , including:
-Basic reports of your Google Analytics data 
-Full interpretative reports of your Google Analytics data
-Word clouds ; these can be used as part of your social media or other marketing campaigns 
-Word analysis reports; these can help you to understand your word data (such as reviews) and can be useful to guide your marketing.

Not confined to digital marketing services, Heb Insights also offers more traditional data analysis and visualisation services, survey services and study design services. Please contact Heb Insights for further details.


Google Analytics options

 Heb Insights sets up Google Analytics for your business website (if your website developer hasn’t already). Following set-up, choose from optional extras of an emailed report every month or ad-hoc report and basic support when you need it. Alternatively,  you may prefer more comprehensive package according to your requirements over a 3-month or 6-month period. Customisation of your account allows you to get far more from your data. One-to-one sessions for advice, interpretation and development are also available.

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Google Ads campaigns

Running a Google Ads campaign is a good way to acquire new customers. However,  campaigns should be set up with some knowledge of what type of customers you have, what they are looking for and how best you might reach them. This is an example of how the knowledge gained from Google Analytics can be strategically used to allow your business to grow.  Heb Insights conducts intelligence-led Google Ad campaigns, enabling your businesses to get more from your advertising budget and obtain a good return on ad spend. 

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