Insights analysis for businesses in the Outer Hebrides and beyond

Stand-alone products

Heb Insights offers a range of stand-alone products , including:
-basic reports of your Google Analytics data
-full interpretative reports of your Google Analytics data
-word clouds (that can be used as part of your social media or other media marketing campaigns)
-word analysis reports (which can help in understanding your word data, such as reviews, and can be useful for advertising).

Heb Insights also offers more traditional data analysis and visualisation services, study design and questionnaire services and advice on data collection. Please contact Heb Insights for further details.


Google Analytics  – Options

Heb Insights’ vision is for businesses of all sizes in the Hebrides to benefit from using Google Analytics to understand their website traffic.

Heb Insights gives you the option of different subscriptions to meet the vast range of requirements that businesses of different sizes have.

Alternatively you may choose to work with Heb Insights on a more ad-hoc basis and purchase stand-alone products, such as reports, or to follow a time-bound package of a series of services and products.

Heb Insights can do a simple set-up of Google Analytics for your website to get you started, if your website developer hasn’t already done so.

If your requirements don’t fit into any of these options, then please contact Heb Insights to discuss your needs, no matter how big or small.


Google Analytics set-up

 Heb Insights can set up Google Analytics for your business website (if your website developer hasn’t already) so that you assume control. Choose from optional extras of an emailed report every month or an ad-hoc report  and basic support when you need it. One-to-one sessions for advice, interpretation and development are also available, by the hour.


Google Analytics time-bound packages

Following set-up, the 1, 3 and 6 month packages allow your business to experience the greater power of Google Analytics and how it can be strategically used to allow your business to grow. These packages include further input from Heb Insights, together with use of additional marketing tools over a period of your choosing.


Google Analytics subscriptions

Following set-up, subscription services allow longer-term planning for the use of Google Analytics and associated marketing tools to help your business on an ongoing basis.  Choose from basic,  intermediate or, for a closer working relationship with Heb Insights, advanced packages. See services subscriptions below for more information.


Google Analytics stand-alone products

 This is for those of you who already have Google Analytics set up for their website and would like to understand more about how customers interact with their website and how their website performs, without the commitment of subscriptions or packages. You can purchase individual items such as reports on an ad-hoc basis.


Google Analytics Services Subscriptions

Basic subscriptions are aimed at micro businesses who have minimal requirements but would benefit from having basic regular reports and on-phone help when needed.  Alternatively, this is for customers who want to experience the basic advantages that come with using Google Analytics to understand your website traffic data. Heb Insights will send you basic monthly reports and support you in learning how to drive around your Google Analytics account.