Google Analytics

Marketing insights for small businesses

What can Google Analytics do for your business?

Imagine being a fly on the wall of your website! Much in the way that a shop owner of a bricks and mortar shop knows about what their customers like, how long they spend in the shop, what they spend the longest time looking at and what they’re interested in buying, Google Analytics allows you to learn about your online visitors, their behaviour on your website and how well your website is working for you.

The sorts of questions that Google Analytics can answer for you include:

What are the trends in my traffic volume?

How many visitors did I have this month? Is this more than I had this time last year? Are they more likely to visit at certain times of the day? Are they repeat customers?

Where does my traffic come from?

Where in the world do my visitors come from? Do I have much overseas traffic? Are they of a particular demographic? How are my visitors arriving on my website? Are my social media campaigns becoming more effective at sending me website traffic? Is traffic coming from elsewhere, for example a link on someone else’s blog? Is online advertising working well for me? Which of my campaigns is working the best?

What are my customers most interested in?

Are my visitors interested in any particular pages, such as a particular product that I sell? Is there a common path through the pages of my website that they take? Do they seem to be put off by any particular pages? How long are my pages taking to load and is this longer for people using mobiles versus desktop computers?

From all of this information you can identify what changes you can make to improve customer experience, what things your customers want more of and what they want less of. In addition, it helps you to identify which areas of your website need improving; for example pages that are loading too slowly or have off-putting content.

The sky is the limit to the detail that you go into and there is much more that Google Analytics can tell you than what is listed here.

Heb Insights can make Google Analytics work for you

How it works

A Google Analytics account is set up for you (if your web developer hasn’t done so already). A small bit of code is put on your website which links your website to your Google Analytics account and allows  anonymised details of your website traffic to be recorded.

Making it work best for you

Heb Insights knows how to ask the right questions of your Google Analytics account. Additonally, bespoke configuration of your account  enables you to quickly access the information that is of particular interest to your business. 

Interpreting the data

Hidden within your Google Analytics data is your website’s story. However, vast swathes of graphs and tables can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. Heb Insights interprets the story that your data tell in as much detail as you want and makes suggestions on how you can improve your marketing; even where changes to your website would be beneficial. 


Choose from a one-off report  or regular reports. Detailed reports including KPI target setting are available for bigger businesses. See below for more information. 

Reporting your results to you

Describing the story that your website’s traffic tells in a way that is understandable to you is very important.  Heb Insights composes a report based on your data and advises a 30 minutes to 1 hour consultation to discuss the findings and what they mean for your business, with some recommendations on how to go forward. This interpretative report can be basic or comprehensive, depending on the level of detail you require, the requirements of your business and the amount of traffic you have. Following the initial interpretative report, regular update reports are recommended, to keep an eye on your marketing progress. 


Basic Google Analytics Interpretative Report

Heb Insights creates a 2-3 page basic interpretative report for your business using your Google Analytics data. This report is a good choice for many small or micro business seeking to get a general overview of their website traffic.

What it contains: 
-an overview of your traffic and bounce rate
-seasonal, weekly and daily trends
-visitor trends (including from what country)
-what devices visitors used (desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet)
-how visitors arrived at your site
-which are your most visited pages 
-the role of social media, including the effect of individual posts
-highlighting of any obvious website issues
-recommendations on next steps.

Comprehensive Google Analytics Interpretative Report

For larger businesses with a lot of data, Heb Insights recommends a more detailed interpretative report (around 10 pages long).  It drills down further into your data and identify targets for your online KPIs as well as some recommendations. 

What it contains:
-the content of the basic report, plus:
-full customer insights (if available)
-trends observed
-conversion comparisons (e-commerce)
-trouble-shooting your web page speeds
-suggested goals to set
-suggested online targets for peak, average and low seasons
-targets based on your online KPIs
-recommendations on account configuration
-recommendations for digital marketing.

Regular Google Analytics Update reports

Following an initial interpretative report of your Google Analytics data, you can opt to have regular reports emailed to you. These report on your key metrics with a frequency appropriate to your business, for  example monthly or quarterly.

What it contains 
for the period (monthly/quarterly etc): 
-traffic trends (and percentage change)
-geographical visitor demographic
-sources of traffic (channels)
-effect of marketing (social media, paid ads)
-goal achievement metrics
-page load times
-individual page views metrics
-page bounce rates
-other metrics that have been identified, between us, as important to your business.