Google Ads

Marketing insights for small businesses

Get your business noticed with Google Ads

Get your business found first when people search online for services or products like yours.

Google Ads are paid online adverts that put your business up in front of the customer when your products or services are searched for.

An example is a sponsored Ad that you see at the top of the page following a Google Search. Alternatively, there are banner type Ads that pop up when you are browsing. There are even video ads and in-app Ads.

Google Ads can be a hugely effective way of driving traffic to your website.  Heb Insights can help you plan, manage and monitor your campaign.

Planning Your Campaign

Plan for your goals

The first step is to define what you want ads to achieve for your business. 

This is because there are different sorts of ads and different ways of paying for them. Choose the right approach for your goal.

Setting up your campaign

Setting up and maintaining ads ideally requires some knowledge of your customers and how they search for the type of things you sell or the services you provide. Although Google Ads will happily suggest that it does this for you, it will take it a while to “learn” about your  customers. In most cases, human-led decisions on where you want to take your campaign are beneficial, particularly early on.

Monitoring your progress

Google Ads tracks your campaign metrics, including impressions (the number of times it is shown) and how people interact with your ad. Heb Insights monitors your campaign progress on your behalf, advising and making changes to your campaign according to its performance.

Campaign management

Heb Insights manages your campaign from start to finish, including account management.
Comparisons of metrics between campaigns and different ads clearly shows which are the most cost-effective. This allows real-time and future decision-making for your ads.  Please contact Heb Insights to discuss.