Marketing insights for small businesses

Digital marketing and analysis for your business

It’s easy to feel daunted at the prospect of marketing your business. Not only are there many choices to make but the process can also be costly. You need to be sure that you are getting it right. Heb Insights provides digital marketing and analysis services for your business. From gaining insights into your business’s web and social media presence, to planning and monitoring a Google Ads campaign, Heb Insights can help you to market your business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Marketing analysis allows you to uderstanding your marketing data which is a key component for building a marketing strategy for your business. Marketing insights can also be used more creatively to showcase your business. For example, word clouds and other visual methods can be used to summarise the main points from customer reviews, market research or other sources of text. 

Not confined to digital marketing, Heb Insights also offers services in more traditional data analysis and survey design.


Google Ads Services

Google Ads can be an effective way to reach online customers, improve brand awareness, increase your sales and get more from your advertising budget.
Heb Insights uses a strategic approach to Google Ads which is tailor-made for your business.

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Google Analytics Services

Gain insights on your customers’ preferences and see how they interact with your website using Google Analytics. Understand where your website is under-performing. Use with marketing tools to increase online visitors and sales. Monitor the effect of marketing campaigns.

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Text Analysis Services

From  word clouds to discovering themes from larger bodies of text, a few words can be very informative and a surprisingly powerful marketing tool. Don’t miss out on using feedback and reviews to your best advantage.

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Survey Services

Data from poorly designed studies can be useless or worse. Careful planning and piloting of a questionnaire is a must when collecting data via this method. Talk to Heb Insights to find out more about  surveys and study design.

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Data Analysis Services

From simple analysis to more complex statistical techniques, data analysis is the mainstay of understanding the world around us. Thoughtful graphics make information engaging. Please talk to Heb Insights about your data analysis requirements.

Visual Reporting

A picture speaks a thousand words! Attractive images and graphics are  often the most effective way of getting key points across. Heb Insights uses a range of methods to produce reports and infographics that are visually engaging and easy to understand.

Google Ads

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Google Analytics

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Text analysis and word clouds

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