Insights analysis for businesses in the Outer Hebrides and beyond 


Heb Insights offers a range of
analytical services including:
Google Analytics Services
Data analysis services
Text analysis services
Study and questionnaire design.

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Heb Insights offers a range of products that can be purchased as stand-alone items or as part of wider services. These include Google Analytics interpretative reports, word clouds which can be used to help market your business and word analysis reports which can help you to understand large amounts of wordy data.

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Google Analytics services

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses, large or small, that are serious about their online presence. Heb Insights can help you use Google Analytics and associated marketing tools so that you understand more about your online customers, how they interact with your website, where your website traffic is coming from, how well your website is functioning and much more.

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Empowering Island businesses

Customers who shop online now outstrip those that don’t. Online trade vastly widens the marketplace, allowing businesses in the Outer Hebrides to be on a more level playing field.  Analytical techniques and marketing tools are valuable assets to facilitate growth in the Outer Hebrides business sector, whilst allowing the unique character of the islands to be retained.

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Data analysis and visualisation

Analysis and visualisation of data tells a story that can be both captivating and illuminating for your business.  Data analysis isn’t just about numbers and graphs but can be about words and maps too. Exciting visuals, such as word clouds, reveal the key points from word data in an engaging way, giving you valuable insights from customer feedback. They can even be used as a marketing tool.

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Stand-alone products and services

From basic and more detailed Google Analytics reports to word clouds that you can use to market your business, Heb Insights offers a range of stand-alone products.


Google Analytics set-up and fixed term packages

From the most basic Google Analytics set-up to 1, 3 and 6 month packages, allow your business to experience the power of  Google Analytics and how it can allow your business to grow.


Subscription services

These packages allow a closer working relationship with Heb Insights, for longer term planning  to help your business prosper. Choose from bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages according to your needs.


Bespoke work

Heb Insights offers  numerical data analysis and visualisation services and can also provide linguistic (word data) analysis, questionnaire and  study design expertise.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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